For happiness: join a group!

For happiness: join a group!


Joy shared is doubled. So to be happy you might like to join a group says the book The 100 simple secrets of happy people by David Niven.


You might find that there is a group in your area dedicated to your special interest. People attached to others of their kind develop positive personal relationships that alleviate loneliness and help them to control events of their lives. They also become more comfortable around others.


The book tells us about Bob, a man who loved woodworking and got in touch with a woodworking group to enjoy similar interests. He made several friendships. So when his wife became very ill all of them reached out to help him through the dark period. Group membership tends to make people feel more connected to each other and increases personal confidence and satisfaction by 7 per cent.


It could be a love of animals, gardening, reading, or watching movies that could help us to reach out for new friends.


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